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Naamche Made it!


Naamche has recorded some of its highest temperatures in recent years. Well, that’s a huge concern but I’m sorry, we are not going to talk about this here. 

However, if you do not know where Namche is, I can help you with that. Namche is a town in Solukhumbu District in Nepal and is one of the major stop-off points for trekkers and climbers heading towards Mount Everest base camp.

Wait, No, it’s not actually what you are thinking. I’m not going to talk about the number of tourists that visited Naamche this year and the beauty of Namche Bazar, it’s cheese or butter. 

So, what am I going to talk about? Well, it’s a Nepali startup that made it. But what? Well, I will tell you that but you need to stay till the end. 

Would you believe me if I told you “Nepali Sherpas” had the idea of building a product with Artificial Intelligence almost 2 years before ChatGPT was released? I am sure you have in your mind and will reply ‘hell no that’s impossible’. Well, I understand your feeling, because I also got to know about Artificial Intelligence when ChatGPT was first released. 

Are you also one of me or did I just make a joke of myself? 

But here’s a twist to the story. Nepali Sherpas not only knew about Artificial Intelligence but also started building products before the storm of ChatGpt, Oh! sorry, Artificial Intelligence arrived. Looking for proof right? I got you. But you need to travel back with me to 2020 for the proof. So, shall we begin?

The Beginning 

It was the year 2020 when it all started. Three young tech-enthusiastic AI nerds started with a dream to build their own AI product. Sounds unrealistic and ahead of time right? But it’s always a will that makes way. 

With countless sleepless nights along with experiments on several AI models the work continued. While this journey made the Sherpas understand their customer better, they realized there was something else that was calling them. So, they decided to shut down the product. 

So, did they part their ways? No absolutely not. 

The Birth – Naamche 

Well, the calling indeed made the Sherpas quit their product, but it gave birth to something new. It’s none other than “Naamche”, a company that helps early-stage founders build product ideas from zero to one. More specifically a company that helps early-stage founders leverage AI to bring magic out of their products.

At present the company has grown the number of Sherpas to 25 who know pretty well how to tackle the snow avalanche in the AI industry. Also who can guide early founders to make their way to the top in their relevant industry mountain through the use of AI and technology.

Since its inception, the Naamche and its Sherpas have helped 10’s founders to build products. And the best thing, some of the founders have raised millions in funding. 

The Turning Point – reAlpha acquires Naamche

December 4, 2023, marked something interesting and unique in the entire Nepali startup history. A NASDAQ-listed public company reAlpha acquired Nepali startup Naamche. And you know that it’s rare for a Nepali startup to get acquired by a NASDAQ-listed company. I repeat it’s rare. 

Let me tell you a bit about reAlpha. reAlpha is an American publicly listed company that helps to develop, utilize, and commercialize an AI-focused technology stack empowering retail investors to participate in short-term rental properties. 

With the acquisition, Naamche made it possible for other young Tech Sherpas to believe that they could reach global heights. 

Naamche made it to clarify doubts about the Nepali Sherpa’s ability to conquer both the mountains of snow as well as the mountains of the latest technology.

Naamche Made It!

The Beginning

I know you caught me wrong, how can there be two beginnings? But it’s a bit different at Naamche. After the acquisition by Realpha, Naamche is again beginning its new journey, or let me correct it, “The New Beginning”.

This time the Sherpas of Naamche will be on a mission to guide reAlpha to become a leading AI solutions provider for the real state mountain. 

While I’m unsure whether the beautiful Namche will record its highest temperature in the upcoming days or not. I hope it does not.

I’m sure that Tech Sherpas at Naamche will make products that will continue to disrupt the real estate industry by leveraging Artificial Intelligence. 

Wait, it’s not over yet, let me introduce you to the 3 Sherpas – the founders at Naamche, as I told you at the beginning. Saramsha (the hacker), Ramesh (the hipster), Barun (the hustler). Ones that made it possible for every other sherpa to follow and believe in their dreams. 

Make sure you follow us to learn about the founder Sherpas along with others and for the Naamche updates in the upcoming days. Thanks and stay tuned!

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